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  1. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    What exactly are you guys talking about when you say get a card from FCNB? Where do I apply?
  2. FISH

    FISH Guest

    First Consumers National Bank www.fcnb.com
    They are an EXCELLENT Bank to deal with. If you get a secured from them, pay on time and more than min. and after one year as long as your limit is over 400. they will unsecure and you will then receive regular increases. The customer service is great. If you still maintain a good account they will more than likely send you a pre approved 2nd card after about a year. Your limit will be anywhere from 100 % to 300% of what you deposit and you can always add more to make sure that you get over a 400 limit the first year
  3. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I checked it out and they are going to send me an application. Since they are part of the speigal family would that increase my chances of getting a speigal card? That is after a year or so. I have perfect credit for the past two years. No BK. Just collections (S loans) and 2 charge offs. I just got a unsecured card through providian ($3000) two weeks ago. Also have secured cap1(dec. it will be 2 years) and UNsecured orchard (1 1/2 years in dec.) Should I even bother with FCNB? Are they considered sub-prime? Would I benefit from getting a FCNB?
  4. molly

    molly Well-Known Member


    It's late. Also, I noticed that they only use Trans Union, which is my best report.
  5. FISH

    FISH Guest

    RE: speigal=Spiegel

    The last I knew they pull Equifax not Transunion. I would not bother with Speigel unless you like to shop from a catalog, but they will send you PRE approved card offers for the Speigel card after you get the FCNB card. I have no problem with FCNB and they are good at regular increases along with Providian.
  6. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member

    RE: speigal=Spiegel

    FCNB-Spiegel pulled from TransUnion for my application which is my worst credit report since they are sooo slow to update. I found this to be especially weird since I live in the southeast where equifax is more popular.

    But good luck.
  7. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    Eddie Bauer mastercard

    I would like to apply for a FCNB card and I know that they also issue the Eddie Bauer mastercard. Is it possible to apply and get approved for the EB mastercard instead of the FCNB card is you are rebuilding your credit (BK in 92, perfect since!)? I ask this because I am a frequent shopper at Eddie Bauer, and the card looks kinda cool!


  8. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: speigal=Spiegel

    What's up with spiegel. Do they report? I dont see them on my report yet.
  9. Flman

    Flman Guest

    RE: Eddie Bauer mastercard

    No, the EB card is prime.
  10. LadyCarr

    LadyCarr Guest

    RE: speigal=Spiegel

    They report about every 90 days. My limit with them has gone from 400-2800 in 9 months.

    roni wrote:
    What's up with spiegel. Do they report? I dont see them on my report yet.

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