Fed Law Sought on Credit Scores

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mist, Nov 21, 2001.

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    Ok, we need to contact our reps and get them to add some things to this bill.

    *How about getting inquiries off of our reports and out of our scores, for starters. This is the only venue where 'shopping around for a better deal' is punitive for a consumer and needs to be stopped.

    *How about making the creditors notify us 30days before inserting negative information or new accounts on our credit reports thereby giving the public a chance, before the damage is done, of evaluating errors and account ownership.

    *How about making creditors report balances every 30days instead of allowing the practice of some to only update every quarter or longer.

    *How about making creditors report the credit limit on ALL accounts rather than allowing the practice of some such as AMEX and the CITI World products to leave that info off thereby lowering debt to cl ratios in FICO.

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    To write your congressman or senator, go to google, type in "write representative" or "write congressman" and the first links you see will be to sites where you can just put in your zip code and be taken to your congressman's email site. Have fun!!

    I get letters from Senator Warner pretty often now ;)
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    That's old news.

    Would you all like to try to contact the writer and assignment editor to find out why they brought it up out-of-the-blue?
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    That would be interesting.
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    That's cuz the turkeys all flew the coop well before it got thanksgiving time. Can't say as I blame them.


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