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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mary, Nov 7, 2000.

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    Good evening all..
    Im a long time reader (lurker) but 1st time posting..Anyway

    I've been updating my credit report thru the various methods discussed on this board, and I have found that by far, Experian is the hardest CRA to deal with. I've sent them detailed, brief letters outlining the items I am challenging, and still I got responses that told me to be more specific. Most recently I sent a dispute letter on 9/29 saying I expected a response in 30 days. A full two weeks later I got a letter saying that by 11/12 they would get back to me (thereby giving themselves an extra 2 wks.) I have been checking my report on line and nothing has changed. They have until the 12th, which is 5 days from now or Next Monday..Has anyone had Experian respond within anything close to 30 days?

    I disputed things that I've had luck with on TU and Equifax, and Im hoping its taking the full 30 days because they are not getting verification. Anyone else have any words of advice with Experian? Thanks for your time..

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