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    I'm fed up now I disputed some items with experian that came back verified, I tried for 1 yr those creditors wouldn't send me any info as to how I was responsible. I ordered my reports from trans and equifax.

    I decided to redisputed the items with experian, dispute my wrong addresses, ss#, other account and some inquires. I'm also going to dispute some accounts with the other two cra's and some inquires. Get this I going to also send a letter to the Attorney General and BBB in states that verified account that I couldn't even get verified after trying for 1 year by doing all this at the same time if this doesn't get results I don't know what will. Well then again if all this doesn't work I'm going to sue there as*** off. It's just ludicrist what you have to go through to get this done about your credit reports
  2. Christi

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    Sue their behinds. It is just that simple!
  3. Nave

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    Yeah sure

    Is that how he is spelling his name tonight? :p


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