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    My husband and I filed bankruptcy in mid-1998.Since then we have established several good accounts. We have had several credit cards all paid on time since 1999-2000,a paid car loan-never late($18,000), and two current car loans (paid never late)one is about 5 months old($28,000) and one is almost 2 years ($7,000)I am currently repairing both my husband and my credit reports and I was wondering if our scores would increase if I was able to have some of the accounts that were included in the bankruptcy removed from the reports? Does it help to have inquires removed even if they are old? What is the best way to challenge collection accounts that were included in the bankruptcy? Also, we had a chase manhattan credit card that was included in the bankruptcy and is showing that but The collection agency is also reporting the same account included in bankruptcy - so we have 2 accounts for the same credit card - can they do that? Is it possible to claim some of the accounts from the bankruptcy are not ours and challenge them to provide written proof that they are or remove them (all the accounts were opened in 94-95-96)? Thanks in advance. I would appreciate any tips on improving our scores and reports.

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