FFCC-Columbus, Inc. Who are they???

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kozman, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. kozman

    kozman Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone.
    I just pulled my Equifax report and it is showing a Paid collection from FFCC-Columbus,Inc. I have no idea whatsoever on who this company is and I do not have any paid collections from last year like the entry states. Any information on this company would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. pd11604

    pd11604 Well-Known Member

    FFCC = First Ferderal Credit Control

    from their web site: (www.ffcc.com)


    "First Federal Credit Control Companies employ a team of highly dedicated and experienced debt collectors who maintain the largest professional client base of any collection agency in the Midwest. We represent more than 4,000 professional firms in the collection of their delinquent accounts."

    Contact Info:

    To contact our Columbus Area offices, please use the following:

    PHONE 614-358-9900
    FAX 614-358-9915
  3. kozman

    kozman Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your assistance. Does anyone have any information regarding dealing with this company?
  4. orb4me

    orb4me New Member


    Good question. I just found them on mine. I plan to call tomorrow and see what this is all about. They have my name and address, I wonder why they would put something in my credit report, but not contact me?

    It looks like a hospital bill, but my insurance pays 100%

    Collection is important, but do the homework first. That does not take a rocket scientist to figure out.
  5. Mindy

    Mindy New Member

    "Who Are They" FFCC Columbus Inc.

    This debt collection agency is affiliated with hospitals and others in the medical field. When I looked on my credit report, I found 12 of these debts collected by FFCC. I called and spoke to a rep. inquiring about all these amounts...one as low as $10.00! How embarrassed...anyway this is what this is. Hope this helped out some. Feel free to contact me for any questions.
  6. lillian69

    lillian69 New Member

    Professional alright. I emailed them multiple times with no response.I seen a collection on my credit report it was for an account that was paid in full and closed by me. No response,I would like to get this off my credit report it is false information

    I think this company is a fraud.I emailed them several times reguarding an account that I paid in full and was closed by me no response from them. All I want is the negative info removed from my credit report.
  7. ccbob

    ccbob Well-Known Member

    was your account paid in full to the collection agency or the original account holder? If it was paid to the collection agency, and the trade line on your credit report says "paid/settled in full" it'll be very hard to have it removed before its 7 years is up. If you paid and closed it with the original account holder, try to work with them.

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