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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by me, Sep 14, 2000.

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    I used the website to pull my fiance's credit report for him, and it is way messed up!

    It has his previous address listed as his current address, and our current address listed as his previous address. It also has an address that he has never lived at listed as a previous address. We've lived at our current address since 12/1996.

    It shows 1 collection account with a balance date of 1/1/1995 (he no collection account).
    3 judgements (5/1/96, 6/1/94, and 4/1/99) none of which are his.

    It shows 2 delinquent accounts - an installment loan (2/1/97)and a morgage(5/1/2000) that are closed. Neither are his.

    It shows a total of 20 other accounts almost none are his. For example, it shows credit cards and another mortgage that aren't his. The dates ranging from 1/1/1969 to current.
    He was only 5 in 1969!

    We know exactly what is happening. He is a junior. All of his father's bad debt and judgements are being reported on his report.

    A while back, he received a copy of a different report (equifax or experian, I can't remember). It showed a judgement. We disputed it, but the CRA insisted it was his, and that the court verified this. He called the court, and the court said that they would not have it removed from his report. We know it is his father's his father will admit this.

    how do we get this whole mess cleaned up. My fiance has perfect credit, but his father's info on the reports is screwing him, and the CRA's don't care.
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    Additional info

    My finace has a Trans Union report from about a year ago that does not have all of the extra information that is his fathers.
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    Kristi and/or Anthony

    Do you think we will need an Attorney to get this messed cleaned up? If/When it is cleaned up, how can we keep the CRA's from doing this again?
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    RE: Kristi and/or Anthony

    First call the companies (credit card companies and mortgage comapanies) and tell them these accounts are not his. That they are his father's. Also make sure they have his fathers social security number on file and not your fiances. Because they use the social security number to report the accounts to the credit bureaus.This is itself may clear up his credit report. if not contact a lawyer. Preferably one that is experienced with identity theft and/or fraud. They are the only lawyers who will know how to help you.
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    RE: Kristi and/or Anthony

    Thank you!

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