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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by christie, Jul 1, 2000.

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    I just got a letter of conditional approval of a major loan, but they wanted and explanation of an FIB credit card charge off. What is this? Thanks for the help
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    It sounds like there is a defaulted credit card acccount listed on one or more of your credit reports. When debts get to a certain age of delinquency (failure to pay on time), creditors write them off as losses called charge-offs. They can still try to collect, though.

    Perhaps FIB = First Interstate Bank?

    If you don't know what the item is, then get copies of all three of your credit reports, and write dispute letters to the bureaus. If there isn't sufficient contact info, request that they provide you with the name and address of anyone who tries to confirm the disputes.

    If it is First Interstate, note that they were bought out by Wells Fargo some time ago.

    Good Luck.

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