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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by skynet83, Nov 8, 2001.

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    I thought I would share my FICO score analysis from Equifax and get your thoughts on why my score flucuated from 537 to 624 to 554 in a matter of days.

    FICO Score Oct 22 - 537 From Mortgage Broker
    FICO Score Oct 23 - 624 MyFICO
    FICO Score Oct 31 - 554 MyFICO

    537 624 554
    Pd Garnishment Pd Garnishment Pd Garnishment
    No dispute Dispute Dispute

    Southern Hoosier Southern Hoosier Souther Hoosier - Deleted
    Pd collection - Dispute Pd collection - Dispute

    14 Inquiries Since 7/01 15 Inq Since 7/01 17 Inq Since 7/01

    15 Student Loan entries Same Info - Dispute Same Info - No dispute 90 day lates - Refinance
    Paid 0 balance

    2 Secondary Student loans Same Info - No Dispute Same info - Dispute
    4(90) 2(60) 3(30) day lates

    First Premier - pd never late Same Info Same Info
    CL-450 Bal - 392

    AT&T Wireless - Pd never late Same Info Same Info

    US Dep of ED - Loan in Deferment Same Info Same Info
    Too new to rate

    Cap One - Pd Never late
    CL - 1000 Balance - 732 Same Info CL - 1000 Bal - 810

    Friedmans - $230 Past Due Dispute Same Info Dispute Same Info
    3(60) day late pays

    ED Financial Srv Dispute Same Info Late pays removed
    90 day late pays Paid as agreed
    Paid 0 balance

    Providian - Closed Dispute Same Info Info verified
    by grantor
    2(30) 1(60) late pays
    Pays as Agreed

    Bank of America added Same Info
    CL - 250 Bal - 239
    Too New to Rate

    I am not for sure what one event caused my score to rise to 624 or fall back to 554. I suspect that it might be the increase in balance on Cap 1 or the fact my Providian came back verified.
    Any thoughts that you have would be appreciated.

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    Sorry..... I had this all formatted and now its scrambled.. I will try to clean this up....
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    I am having a hard time formatting this so that it is readable without using a Word document. If anyone is interested, I will email you the original Word document which is readable.

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