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    Learning a lot in the past few days after stumbling on these threads. Background: When I was in graduate school in the early 1990's I became delinquent on, I think, 2 credit card acct's. One of them stopped trying to collect early on (it was the credit union account)the other (I believe it was Chase) dogged me through a very threatening agency for years. A year ago I was prepared to pay Chase the entire amount I owed (but hadn't heard from the agency in over six months), but by chance I called a credit counselor who suggested that if I paid at that late stage it would show as delinquent on my credit report. The counselor recommended there was a good chance after so many years (more than 7) it would simply drop off my credit report. I didn't pay and begin to apply for credit (Discover Card), and was surprised when I received the card. I now have a few credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AmX) but always pay entire balances off at end of month. Charged by stuff I've read here in the past days I went on-line and got my credit report from two of the three agencies (experian & equifax). It all looks good. FICO 765 Reasons 10 1 8 30. My question is how often does FICO change, and is there a range I could look at to better analyze each of the four reasons? And finally, if I applied to Chase now for a credit card, would they be able to claim I still owed them money? I'd appreciate all assistance I could get with these questions. Love this site. Thanks
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    You have a great score. FICO can change every day for various reasons. (inquiries, balances owed, # of credit lines, age and type of credit lines and many other factors). As far as Chase goes, the statute of limitations has run out on the debt you owed them. So they can't try to collect or get a judgment at this point. But some banks keep internal records and if you owe them, they may only reconsider you for credit if you pay up first. Maybe someone here knows a bit more about whether chase keeps records of this or not? There are lots of other good card companies though if you just need a new card. With your score you should not have a problem getting a good prime rate.
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    U have one of the highest scores I've seen.....U can apply anywhere!

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