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    Ok, I ordered my credit report and score on 3/17, the same day I signed up with Lexington Law Firm(They just sent out my dispute letters at the beginning of last week). I ordered my reports though and then ordered my credit score and it said my credit score was 495 ( i know its horrible) and from 0-100, it was 38. Now just about a month later, I got that email from Equifax that many of us did saying 10% off of Score Power, so I tried it and they said today my score is 616, still well below average, but is this possible for the score to raise in such a short period of time? Since my last score, I have probably paid off about 1000 in credit debts from a combined 2 closed accounts, 2 open (one credit/one charge) account and opened up another visa account, recently making a 200 payment on that card. Is the credit score or rating I received from truecredit one month ago the same kind of rating that I am getting from equifax now? If so....reestablishing my credit is definitely going well.
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    You're saying your TrueCredit score was 495?

    I wouldn't go by TrueCredit. In my experience, it has been very inaccurate (always on the very low side)
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    Before that I received one a few months ago with myqspace also using equifax and they gave me teh same exact score

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