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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jezy, Aug 29, 2003.

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    I've looked and read all over this site and seem to find some conflicting information. I attempted to validate with a original creditor. It has been 48 days since they received my letter. I have heard nothing and they have not reported the debts as being disputed on my credit report. Can I file suit against them in small claims for violation of the FCRA Section 623? I am talking about the original creditors, not the CA's or CRB's.

    Thanx for all the posts. They are generally very helpful.
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    Yes u can file but I would make sure that u have sent the OC at least two letters asking for validation and one ITS letter ITS = Intent to sue once u have all ur ducks in a row if u have the guts and feel u can handle yourself in front of people I would file in Federal costs more but u can get more for damages and trust me on this they OC's, CA's take notice when u file in Federal Court......Getting ready to file on thee CA's after the Labor Day ......if you would like to email me I will try and scan a copy of the complaint and how it looks on my case against one of the CA......of course I will black out all the names and such.

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