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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by danrs, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. danrs

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    Tomorrow I'm going to be filing small claims lawsuits against Experian and Trans Union.

    I'm going to follow up on Tuesday with this letter, certified RR, to both agencies:

    Experian/Trans Union
    re: File #xxxxxxxxxxxx


    YOU ARE BEING SUED (ref Danrs vs. Experian Info Solutions SD County #xxxxx)

    You are being sued for violations of the FCRA. The result of these violations have caused, and continue to cause me financial loss.

    I have attempted to have erroneous information on my report investigated by you, and have requested you supply me with verification process information. You have failed to do both, you are in violation of the FRCA, and I will now ask the court for the relief requested, or as it deems appropriate.

    In order to avoid further legal action, you must do the following within 30 days of receipt of this letter:

    1. Remove negative account All Interest Bank, acct#12345, and any related notations, from my credit file.

    2. Guarantee to me that this negative account, once removed, will not re-appear in my credit file.

    3. Supply me, and any creditors who have requested my credit file in the past 6 months, updated and corrected reports once corrections have been made.

    In return, if Experian does as requested, I will dismiss the lawsuit and seek no reimbursement of court costs, financial loss, or damages.

    This is a one time and final offer of settlement.



    So, opinions on this? I didn't want to get too specific with them, listing evidence and such, because it could be somewhat thin, and I figured the shorter and more to the point the better for them to know I'm serious.

  2. LKH

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    One thing, I believe in most states, once served, the defendant must answer within 20 days. Based on that, I would give them 15 days to respond to your settlement.

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