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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Melissa, Jun 3, 2001.

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    notification that Junum is starting to work for me. I signed up in March and I just finally got letters from Experian and TU that they recieved my disputes. But even though I am just getting notices, I also keep receiving offers from Discover Platinum, Citi Mastercard Plat but I don't apply because they still will check my credit and say I will be approved for the reg discover and reg citi mc if my credit isn't sufficient enough for the other cards. I don't want to bother at all because I am still over my credit limit with my citibank driver's edge visa which I have been for well over a year and infact I called them two days ago asking them to lower my apr to 9 % so I can get this balance paid off and they said no since I was over my limit and needed to get under it to allow them to do so. grrrrrrr. Then I asked if they would up the credit line to get me not over my limit and they said no. So I just have to work on paying this balance down before I try getting another card.
    I am just mad because Capital One whom I have a CO with is offering me a new 2000 dollar card as soon as I pay my balance off which is now only at 900 bucks was 2000 last year at this time and they lowered my apr to 4.9 from 9.9, but it was originally 23.0 about 3 months ago, this month to help me pay it down to zero. Ugh, just blows my mind especially when I am in good standing with them otherwise why they wouldn't help me pay down this balance.
    So anyway, I am also just excited to here from the bureaus in hopes that Junum will work for me and get some of my collections off my report. I will keep you updated. I am sorry I haven't been around but I work 60 hours a week selling cars:)
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    Sell cars huh? I need to buy a new car pretty bad. Do you know anything about financing. I currently have a loan through a finance company. I hope I can get out of it and into a real loan.

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