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Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by Erica, Oct 5, 2001.

  1. Erica

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    Ok, I need to say this somewhere and thought that you guys would help and be supportive of me. First of all, let me say that I'm 25 years old and still working on my 1st bachelor's degree. It took me 6 years to get my ass in gear and get an associates in May 2000. I actually flunked out the first time I tried college and then when I was 23 I thought that an education is the only thing that no one can take away from me, EVER. And I made the Deans List both semesters of my return. ~3.85 GPA.

    Then I changed my Major and transferred schools to earn a 4-year degree. WELL, needless to say, that was probably the worst "educated" decision I have ever made in my life. I quickly fell to below a 2.0 and am steadily headed for flunking out again. I have put all the efforts of studying in and am still not understanding what it is I'm supposed to be learning.

    So, today I went to Academic Advisement and discussed the possibility of switching back to the major my AAS degree is in. I think that I'm going to do it. Then I'll be done at the end of this academic year.

    Only problem is, I've already spent $18,000 on this non-existent education that I haven't learned anything from and I feel like shit about it. Not only have I wasted money, but I've wasted valuable time and effort in a field of study that I knew wasn't for me 2 semesters ago.

    I feel like a real quitter, falling back into that "comfort zone" we all need to get out of. I think that I'm more disappointed in myself than my parents are. They are actually proud of me. I grew up a little in those 6 years since graduation from high school and I have tried to do something with myself.

    I don't know where this rant is going, but I really needed it. Thanks for listening.
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    I have told my sons to use their time after high school to learn what they want to do with their life and also, what they don't want to do. You are only 25 and know what you don't want to do. You also seem to know what you want to do. You have a lot of years ahead of you to enjoy life. Don't dwell on the past. Look at this as a learning experience.

    It is better to have this behind you then to find out when you are older that you are unhappy with your career choice. When you have a mortgage, two car payments and six kids, it is difficult to change careers.
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    Quick update...

    Have an interview with a civilian division of the Navy on 10/24/01, going to Scottsdale AZ in 3 weeks to take the police exam, and taking the local police exam in December. I decided not to waste any more time piddling around!

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