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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Janet, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Janet

    Janet New Member

    Has anyone heard of the collection agency Northland Group, Inc? They're the collection agency for Fingerhut. On my credit reports, Fingerhut is listed as collections but I don't see anywhere where it has Northland Group, Inc as the collection agency on my credit report. I sent the validation letter to Northland Group, Inc instead of Fingerhut because they were the ones that sent me a letter stating that they were assigned to the Fingerhut account. Should I have just sent Fingerhut the validation instead of the ca?
    Thanks for any help!!

  2. mindcrime2

    mindcrime2 New Member

    Nope, you did the right thing. They're the ones attempting to collect the debt from you, they're the ones who have to prove it.
  3. Janet

    Janet New Member

    Thanks Mindcrime2. I was getting confused a little because it just has Fingerhut on my credit reports and no other names. Usually when one of my accounts go to a collection agency, they either have a duplicate with the ca's name and company's name or they just have the collection agency's name with the debt and the company below it.
    Northland received my validation letter on January 7th (got green card back!) and I still haven't heard from them so that's a good thing!!
    Thanks again!!

  4. mindcrime2

    mindcrime2 New Member

    You're welcome. BTW this CA cannot legally report on your credit report yet. That's the whole concept behind the validation ltr. As long as you've sent it to them within 30 days of receiving their collection ltr, and you respond before 30 days is up (glad to hear you sent your letter CRRR) they cannot (legally) report to the CRA's until they validate. If they don't respond after 31 days, send the estoppel ltr, then you'll have plenty of ammo to go after them if they put the collection on your report.

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