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    I was looking to get a new car via Navy Fed for my family but couldn’t get approved based on my low scores. FICO: 527, Equifax: 552, TransUnion: 529, FICO Auto 8: 596, FICO Auto 2: 560. I had a one-year credit history, multiple late payments and derogatory statements. Now I actually feel good to have a worthy credit profile. I want to use this time to appreciate PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST for bringing me out of a bad credit report that made my life miserable. PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST came through for me, cleaned up my credit report with all late payment marked as paid on time. Negative entries removed; including derogatory. My score is now 811 across the board. I’ve been with Navy Federal, for 3 weeks, after my credit has been fixed which I’ve been approved for an auto loan. First time in 5 years now. I’m so happy to have read about PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST, you can contact them via: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM OR TEXT +1 (872) 265 2951. They’re the best as far as credit repair is concerned.

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