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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by My2kGT, May 7, 2001.

  1. My2kGT

    My2kGT Well-Known Member

    I have a friend who is 19 no credit and is looking to open a unsecured card. any suggestions would be great.


  2. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    I would try to apply for some student cards or a regular Providian Visa card. I remember when I had no credit I applied for some unsecured cards and was rejected time and time again. Providian did give me an unsecured card with a $1,000 limit and no annual fee, but the catch was that there was no grace period so the interest accrued from the date purchases were made. I used the card for about four months and then got an MBNA Platinum card and it was smooth sailing from there.

    Good Luck!!!
  3. chrisb

    chrisb Well-Known Member

    You might also want your friend to try Sears, or JCPenny or somewhere like that. Get one of those cards (both report to the 3 CRA's) and charge a few things on the card, go 2-3 months, then apply for an unsecured Visa / MC (I agree thou, Providian is a good one, or MBNA)
  4. My2kGT

    My2kGT Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help! I had her apply for a store card, but was declined so I had her apply for Aria..declined.. go figure?


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