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    I received two forms for credit cards. One from FIRST LIBERTY FINANCIAL and the other from CREDICORP INC. Both are pre-approved. I'm asking if anyone has ever had either one and is it worth it. Your reply will help a great deal.

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    HERE WE GO doesn't say VISA or MASTERCARD anywhere does it???????

    Overpriced catalogue shopping!

    TRASH IT!!!!
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    <HTML>Dear Charles,

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a special advisory about Credicorp, warning consumers that the company has an unsatisfactory record because of a pattern of complaints alleging deceptive marketing practices. Specifically, the Credicorp card cannot be used as a general purpose credit card. It can only be used to purchase merchandise from Credicorp's catalog. The full advisory can be found at:

    As far as First Liberty Financial is concerned, it appears to be a scam. Applicants report having mailed in the fee and never received the card. There is a forum dedicated to the First Liberty Financial which can be found by visiting the following URL:

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    Catalog Scams

    Some catalogs (Spiegel, Wackenhut, Blair, etc.) are legitimate, if you like that sort of thing. Others, like Credicorp, are scams.

    I notice that my Credicorp offers say the terms will be disclosed once I send in the $29 fee, but not until then. Similar offers are sometimes honest enough (but still not totally honest) to disclose that a co-payment of 30% is required to buy anything.

    In other words, the credit alone is never sufficient payment for merchandise, since a cash payment is required as well. THAT's why it isn't really credit, and THAT's why it's a scam. The high prices in the catalog simply make it worse.
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    RE: Catalog Scams

    I'm sorry, that would be Fingerhut, not Wackenhut. Spiegel, Fingerhut, and Blair are not scams, even though their credit can only be used to buy from their catalogs.

    But they don't:

    Require co-payments in cash.
    Charge outrageous prices.
    Imply they are offering bankcards.

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