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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jessica, Jun 19, 2000.

  1. Jessica

    Jessica Guest

    I would like to hear if anyone has had any problems with this particular bank and what we can do about it. Particularly the Take Charge Program. I was supposed to be reimbursed three months ago for my deposit and still have not seen a check. Very frustrated and want to inform people of this not very reliable program.
  2. Joan

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    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    I have their partically secured Visa card but I don't know anything about the Take Charge program. I never had a probelm with them credited my account when I send them a check they usuallu credit my account before the check get cleared through them bank. Could you tell me more about the Take charge program.
  3. Jessica

    Jessica Guest

    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    The take charge program is a visa card that is supposed to fix your credit by giving you a small savings to use your card on. They give you a credit limit of around 200-500 dollars. I thought it would help me but with all the trouble I have gone through to cancel the card and be reimbursed it seems kind of useless. I looked up comments on the web about this bank and not alot of it looks good. There were alot of bad comments from alot of people.
  4. Diane Whit

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    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    Anytime they ask you for a "deposit", you can
    usually kiss that money goodbye-call your
    local bank and they will verify this.


    I only use two reputable cards-Capital One
    and Providian and Aria. I cannot say enough
    about them -they are wonderful.
  5. C.S.

    C.S. Guest

    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    I work for recommendation is to call them back regarding that refund. Speak to a supervisor if you need to. You WILL get your money back if you are intitaled to it. I can however tell you no refund will be issued if the app was canceled AFTER 15 calendar days from the date we recvd the funds...OR if you actually sent in your signed application. If your app was canceled within that 15 day window the partial enrollment fee is to be refunded (that's minus the shipping and handling).
    Really, call & speak to a sup. It really will help you to get your money back.
  6. Steven Z

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    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    C.S., glad to see you here, especially considering your position, if I can, I would like to know some things I've been wondering about FNBM.

    For the past two years most posts on credit message boards regardings FNBM have been complaints about this bank's bad customer service.

    Is this because of

    Too much turnover

    Bad or insufficient training

    Low pay

    Poor morale

    Management interference, always looking over their shoulders, demanding strict adherence to a company regulations e.g. (maximum time allowed per client, never vary from the script..)

    Do management consider their sub-prime customers "deadbeats" and "losers" and inpart this 'perception' upon the reps

    It surely must be something. Consider every previous EX-FNBM employee who has posted on one of these sites has warned people to stay far away.

    It would be interesting hearing your insight.
  7. Jessica

    Jessica Guest

    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    I have spoke to a supervisor and she told me "I have no control over how the checks are mailed." She infered to me that it could be up to 60 days to even process a refund. She said that all they can do is enter the information into a computer. I dont see how one refund could take that long. Maybe I am naive but it is not about the money. It is about prompt refund. I called two days after the money was taken out of my account and declined the card. As for the shipping and handling that is to be deducted from the deposit, I never received any package that they said had already been sent. They said that I was supposed to get a box with a video and written information. No show. I have heard alot of not very good things about this bank and I have learned a very valuable lesson.
  8. A.T.

    A.T. Guest

    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    I can tell you that this bank stinks, it promise to give you a 300 dollars credit line, only to find out that the card can never be used. Then they bill you ... I just couldn't believe what they continue to do. NEVER get a card from Marin Bank. It's a big headache. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau.
  9. Paul

    Paul Guest

    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    Trust me you will not here from this bank. It's a rip off bank. Out to make money and make you pay. The so call credit helping... it's a joke.

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