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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kelly, Feb 1, 2001.

  1. Kelly

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    Please, Please, Please, Everybody stay away from this bank.

    As you may recall, I called for a pay - off balance to close my account. They gave me one and I paid over the phone plus the pay by phone cost.

    A couple days later I called and found that I had an outstanding balance of $10.81. I called and after fifteen minutes of guessing ( must have charged pay by phone and you didn't pay it, "Yes I did" Oh maybe it was charged twice) Then finally she said ohhh, that's the monthly fee and interest. I was a little miffed cuz I specifically called for the payoff the first time and I was not going to pay another $5 to do a pay by phone. So I sent the $10.81 in and thought that was the end of it.

    Well I called the other day. I have an outstanding balance of $48. GEEZ. It's the monthly charge for the annual fee times 8 for I guess what was left of this years fee.

    When I looked at the contract they said they MAY charge the rest of the annual fee. AND when I asked for the payoff balance the first time, I specifically asked her about having to pay (which at that point was 9 months) of annual fee payments. I told her it said they might and she said that they wouldn't so now I have to send another check for $48 to close this darn account. What a hassle.

    I have a security deposit. So it's covered if I don't send it. But I wanted to make sure that it reported as closed with $0 balance consumer request on my reports.

    Well, I also have a mastercard - unsecured with this bank. I'm definitely closing it exactly at the one year mark. Maybe 11 months.

    But again I'm having problems with them recording payments. I use Compubank, billpay. It states it takes 5 business days. Well it's been 8 business days and still no credit. Two FNB of M customer service reps have been as rude as can be about this. Don't bother me with this attitude!

    I'm really thinking I should just eat the rest of the annual fee on this one and close it as well. What do you all think

    Sorry about the major rant. But they are really making me mad!

  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: we need a list of places t

    Nuff said.

    "warning: these places are deemed to suck"

    Would save a lotta questions and wasted time for folks!
  3. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Pay and run.

    You have learned a valuable lesson. Do not do business with these people. I called and cancelled when my balance is 0. I always do that. That just makes since to me. If I have a 0 balance when I call to cancel, I dare you charge me anything else. Dont give them an opportunity to manipulate you. I hope others learn from your experiences.

  4. RichGuy

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    RE: First National Bank of Mar

    If you have one other bank card, ANY other bank card besides CCB, then you should get rid of both your FNB/Marin cards.

    You can get a second card later. For now, it's important to get their dirty little hands off your bank account and credit history. You need to keep some kind of open line, however, so wait until you have another bank card reporting before you cancel both cards.

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