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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bowlin_1, May 12, 2001.

  1. Bowlin_1

    Bowlin_1 Member

    Keep the card or trash the darn thing??? By having the Card you guys must no that m credit sucks big time, to the tune of 587 beacon, what are some hints to improve the Beacon???
  2. roni

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    I started my credit repair with First National Bank of Marin. A year later my credit score was 594 so God only knows what my score was before i got the Besides the fees, they are ok. Be extra careful and pay ontime. The only problem that I had with them was that they call you if they THINK you will be late, and try to get you to do a payment over the phone and charge $6 for the transaction. I think that is a CCB practice as well. I had them for one year, I was over the limit by a few bucks twice and they didnot give me any increases. I cancelled at 1 year mark and got my money back w/ no problem. Go for it. Everybody needs a beginnning.

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