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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JacquiG, Sep 10, 2000.

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    Hi all,

    I've had an unsecured Visa account with FNANB since October 96. Never had any problems with them, but my limit stayed at $6K since it was opened. In April, I transferred my balance to MBNA for a lower APR. The next month, my limit was increased to $7K.

    My $25 annual fee comes due in October, but it's waived if I charge at least $2000 during the previous year (I'm OK for this year). My APR is still at 17.15%. Last Friday, I called to see if they could lower my rate, and the rep told me I already had the lowest rate they offer.

    I plan to close this account since I've got better deals with my newer cards, but it shouldn't hurt anything if there's no balance on it.

    Here's the question (finally!): If anyone else has this card, secured or not, what is your interest rate? Has anyone managed to get their APR lowered from a higher rate?

    Thanks for your responses.
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    RE: First North American Natio

    I dont think they will go much lower than that, I had the card for a long time but I closed my account because I found a better deal elsewhere (capital one), the rep offered to waive the annual fee and increase my credit in exchange for not closing the account but they said they couldn't lower the APR. I never had any problems with them though, they're a very good bank.


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    RE: First North American Natio

    I just closed my account with FNANB - I have had their card for years and my interest rate was at 18.99. I called them on Thursday to see if I could get a lower interest rate since that was the highest that I have on all of my credit cards. They told me they would waive the annual fee but they would not drop the interest rate. I told them to reduce the rate or I would close the account - They refused - I closed it!

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