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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by keltex, Jan 21, 2001.

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    Hi everyone. First time posting. Got my credit reports, reviewing them for accuracy...lots of disputing to do, but wanted some info on a specific company. I had 2 inquiries on all reports for First Premier Bank. I don't remember applying for this. Wrote them a certified letter to ask for verification....I get the receipt back with the signature name crossed out...a week later, I get a letter from them saying that they have my apps on file. I had asked for a copy in the first letter of these apps, but those were not sent. Anyone else had a similar experience? They were from 2/99 and 10/99, so they will drop off this year, but it irks me because I don't think I applied for this card.
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    RE: First Premier Bank-I don't

    I wouldn't even bother with it. Inquiries usually only affect you're credit for six months. These probably have absolutely no impact on you're credit score, or you're ability to get credit.
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    If they are within the past two years, and if they are in addition to other inquiries, then they certainly DO have an affect on one's credit scores.

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