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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sunshine, Mar 23, 2001.

  1. sunshine

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    has any one here had any experience with this company. I'm not to keen on preapproved offers that has a crazy monthly participation fee, account set-up fee, program fee and annual fee. I didn't think my credit was that bad, I have other open accounts that are in good standing. My report must not look too well. By the way how much does a medical account collection affect your report.
  2. sam

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    Re: first premier bank master

    Go buy your credit score and find out ! :)

    Their card sucks more than the capital one secured (you get deposit back) and aria (similar fees but no monthly bs).

    If you can get those, i would say avoid the first premier offer. They send me them all the time my score is 565.
  3. SEAN

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    Re: first premier bank master


    I would advise you to stay away from First Premier (a.k.a. Future Card) and Cross Country Bank. These two companies engage in questionable fees (i.e. $5.00 monthly maint. fee, start up fees, etc.) and have terrible customer service along with horrible reputations in general. Personally, I would recommend Orchard Bank ( or Providian ( Hope this helps and good luck to you.


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