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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by F.F.M, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. F.F.M

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    Does anyone have a MasterCard by First Premier Bank?

    My best friend got a letter in the mail about this card. It claims it can help you build your credit rating. It also says that you do not have to open a savings account or send a security deposit as a condition for the credit card.

    Has anyone have any positive or negative experience with this type of card?
  2. eddie

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    Re: First Premier Bank Masterc

    First Premier sucks. No website, low limits, monthly participation fees, limited credit limit increases, high interest rates. First Premier sucks.
  3. FrEaK

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    Re: First Premier Bank Masterc

    You would be better off getting a secured card with a low minimum deposit. The annual fees are generally lower and you can always earn unsecured increases or increase it yourself.
  4. SEAN

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    Re: First Premier Bank Masterc


    Forget about First Premier(a.k.a. The Future Card) and Cross Country Bank. These two companies are trouble (monthly participation fees, set up fees, and high APR). I would recommend Orchard Bank ( or Aria ( These two companies are better to deal with if you are in need of a sub prime card. Good luck.


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