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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kay, Mar 25, 2000.

  1. Kay

    Kay Guest

    Looks good at first, unsecured, credit limit up to $1000.00, everyone approved.
    Fine print: processing fee $29.00, acceptance fee $119.00, annual fee $50.00, monthly participation fee $6.00, additional card fee $20.00. Theese fees appear on your first billing statement. Initial credit limit will be at least $250.00 so it's $250.00. Therefore after you accept the card you have an available credit limit of a whopping $26.00. What a deal!
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    The capitalone $49 for $400 or $99 for $500
    deal still sounds sweeter.

    Small deposit WHICH YOU GET BACK.
    $29 yearly fee.
    19.85 standard shitty interest rate.
    Superb customer service.
    Approved me (hahahaha muahaha). probably you too.
    Big company with well known policies that don't screw you over.
    3 weeks time to get your card.

    (no i dont work for them) just very happy
    with their service.
  3. P Arthur

    P Arthur Guest

    I agree about Capital One

    Yes, I agree. Capital One is a first class operation that doesn't resort to deception or small print to gouge consumers. While their interest rate for their secured Visa is high, most customers (such as myself) who are in this category have spent years without access to credit and Capital One came to US and brought us back in the fold of responsible credit consumption. Every now and again they even have consumer education about maintaining credit included with the billing statement. I started with a $500 limit a year ago. Now I'm up to $2,000. I'm under 30 and made my credit mistakes while in college. Capital One has earned my loyalty and trust. I do not work for them but I would be proud if I did.

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