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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by darkdoj, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Okay here's the newest problem I have:

    Dispute the way a 6 year old account (paid/charge-off) is being reported with creditor (they show $85 written off instead of showing it paid).

    They also have another account with $385 listed as written off and sold to another letter (Arrow, who folded on it sometime ago after I filed suit for, they agreed to settle).

    So I dispute the accounts with the original creditor. Seems that they decide they needed a closer look and placed three account review inquiries on my credit report (soft inquiries).

    However, I've read over the NON permissible purpose inquiry subject and believe that because

    a) First Premier recieved their money, account is closed and haven't updated or viewed report in sometime.

    b) First Premier sold the second account (which I dispute owing. It was newer than the other, different account number and I asked why I would open ANOTHER account when I had such a bad experience the first time, no response from that on that question).

    that they've commited a violation of the law. Anyone have any comments / suggestions. I'm trying to get the last of my baddies removed. Mind you they the first one is due to come off sometime in 04 and the other is due to come off sometime in 06. I don't believe I owe the second one though, because I never applied for it.

    Three inquiries. Two on 9/03 and one on 9/19.
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    Okay.. so now you know who the company is :>

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