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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by eddie, Feb 28, 2001.

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    I started my own business in the mid nineties and things were so bad I could not even pay attention. About three years ago things began to turn around but I had done so much damage I could not get any credit anywhere. So I got a secured card with First Premiere. I put up 1500 and have used the card for three years never missing a payment. They only gave me one line increase in the whole time and I had to beg for that. Yesterday I paid the card off in full and I called them today to cancel it and request my security back. They did not offer me anything to stay and said my account was cancelled. They also said it would be 60-90 days until they returned my 1500. I begged, pleaded and yelled to no avail. I talked to 2 supervisors trying to get my money in a reasonable amount of time. No one will help. What irks me is that after the crappy way they treated me they get to keep using my funds without even paying any interest. Anybody have any suggestion?
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    What you should have done is charge the card near the limit and then not pay the balance before you closed. That way, you'd have the $1500 in your pocket and they would use the funds in your security account to cover your balance.

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