First Savings Mastercard - SCAM!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dogman, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    I opened the mail tonight and saw a nice invitation, turned it over and saw a SD address.
    I thought - hmm - maybe a prime offer.....

    The First Savings mastercard was an 18.9% rate with grace period. Sounded OK.
    $2500 limit - well - OK.
    return by July 5 - OK.

    Turned it over and read the great terms:
    do these fees sound familiar from any other card we've discussed?

    Ann fee $35
    acceptance fee $119
    monthly participation fee $6 ($72 annually?)
    setup fee $79
    express delivery - optional - $49

    THEN I started to read the small print!
    Limit from $250 to $2500.
    Premium Club - brochure included - in relatively nice print - proudly says for another $49 you are in a special program that would be available for credit limit increases.

    Then it says they will charge $25 for the first time they look at raising your limit - BUT - this will only
    apply as long as you stay in the SCREAMium Club.

    Premium Club members get emergency 48 HR
    card replacement!

    I then saw it was part of First Premier ;)
    WHEN will I get these dog card preapprovals OVER and onto prime?

    First Savings Mastercard - nope - they did not have a picture of this wonderful card. Again, the interesting thing about this crappy offer is that it was all printed on nice stationary and looked like AMEX or platinum card invitation type quality!

    I decided not to get the card.

    buyers beware - dogman
  2. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Hey Dog, I can't beleive you didn't accept that offer. LOL. Actually, I got one of those offers about 2 months ago. I didn't see First Premier mentioned, but after I turned it over and saw the fees, I quit reading it.
  3. zelda

    zelda Member

    I received one of these offers today!

    Mine was:
    $29 processing fee ($6 opt express processing)
    $50 annual membership fee
    $72 annual participation fee ($6/month)
    $119 acceptance fee
    $25 credit limit review fee (first time only)

    I didn't notice any reference to Premier, but I did notice a $5 fee for Automatic payments. I like autopayments, so that would suck.

    I feel so privileged. Currently, I have a Providian $880 (I know, I know.. but it's enough to cover rental car expenses when I travel, so I keep it), Orchard $300 (due any day now for an increase?), Sears (doesn't everyone?), and a new Speigel (don't remember what the limit is, it's small).


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    I want that card!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Give me a credit limit of $269.00 so I can be over-limit by $1.00 and you can charge me an over-limit fee BEFORE I GET THE CARD!!!!!!!!!
  5. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: First Savings Mastercard - SCAM

    Wow, these guys never run out of ideas :)

  6. Len

    Len Member

    Re: First Savings Mastercard - SCAM

    Cross Country must be giving seminars on how to get every cent out of folks desperate for a credit card.
    Just automatically include the monthly overlimit and late fee on each statement, please.
    Get out the tongs and deposit this application in the circular file, quickly!!
  7. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Re: First Savings Mastercard - SCAM

    How about a fee every time you use the card? That would be nice too. If they'd add that then I'm in!
  8. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Re: First Savings Mastercard - SCAM

    It might be nice but they would have to add a $50.oo payment acceptance fee before I'd be remotely interested! Ha Ha



    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: First Savings Mastercard - SCAM

    They also need to have a 45 DAY PAYMENT HOLD...just incase your check bounces and the bank has a machine that breaks for one week and the weather at the airport shuts it down and the baggage handlers are on strike the the mail truck has a flat tire, and the truck runs out of gas and somebody decides that the gas in NEW YORK works better, so somebody drives four days round trip with the gas can to get gas in NEW YORK and when they get back the mail driver went on vacation so you have to wait till he gets back.............


    JACKMCKEE New Member

    First Savings Credit Card Threatened To Hurt Me Physically & Financially

    Today I was threatened by Eileen, a customer service supervisor of FIRST SAVINGS CREDIT CARD 888-469-0291 because I complained about a ten day hold being placed on a $500 payment I made on my account. She said that it was in the contract that they can take money out of my bank account and then not credit it to my FIRST SAVINGS CREDIT CARD. When I complained that this was fraudulent as the money was taken by EFT from my bank account, she said that was too bad. I said this wasn't right and I was going to complain to the parent company (FIRST SAVINGS BANK 201 N. Third
    Box 431 Beresford, SD 57004 Ph: 605.763.2009) . Eileen then laughed and said she could arrange to have me hurt even though I lived out of state as they have "contractors" working all over the country. She further stated that she had control of my credit card and could charge against the account anything she wanted and if I didn't pay she would "ruin me".

    Now I have been a customer of FIRST SAVINGS CREDIT CARD for over five years. In that time I have had minor problems with erroneous over limit charges, but today's criminal activities on behalf of an employee of FIRST SAVINGS CREDIT CARD and FIRST SAVINGS BANK were way worse than anything I have encountered with any creditor. I have filed complaints directly with the South Dakota Attorney General's office, the FBI, the FTC and my local law enforcement agencies. I am also filing this report to publicize their threats in case some serious bodily harm is inflicted on me by "contractors" of FIRST SAVINGS CREDIT CARD FIRST SAVINGS BANK.

    Before filing this report, I checked on the internet and found many complaints of this type of activity by employees of FIRST SAVINGS CREDIT CARD and FIRST SAVINGS BANK.

  11. jjgross

    jjgross Well-Known Member

    I see Guido and the good fellas are alive and well now living in sd.It should not surprise us since congress turned loan sharking over to Citi and the gang of 100.You might think about taking your vacation in south dakota this summer.Yes there brave on the phone but remember these are the same people you didn't like in high
  12. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    You need to be documenting everything. Who called, what they said.

    If one-party recording is legal in your state, record the call.

    Make a transcript to the call, as I said, with who you talked to and what was said.

    Send them a copy, stating that you want to make sure you understand what was said.

    Tell them you are sending copies to the FTC, the Attorney General of your state, and the Attorney General of South Dakota.

    Then do it. Send all of the letters certified, return receipt requested.
  13. angie1313

    angie1313 Member

    OMG...I would contact your state's AG and get to the bottom of this...That isn't right in any way shape or form
  14. TeeVeeDude

    TeeVeeDude Well-Known Member


    I don't believe that for one second.

    But if it's true, you need to get a phone recorder, and call her back. You could end up owning a credit card company.

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