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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tara, May 15, 2000.

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    Last year my husband used my First USA visa without my knowledge. Needless to say, it went way above the limit. In september, I got a call from them saying they could put me on their assist program. I filled out the application, and they sent me an approval letter. That's it. In December, after not receiving any more details about the program, I sent them $50. I have been doing this consistantly for 6 months. I got a letter and a statement yesterday. The letter stated I defaulted, and was no longer on the program. I now have $25 over the limit fees, and the interest rate went from 8% to 19.8%. Now my payment of $50 will not even take off $10!
    I called them and they said I defaulted, and she didn't have an answer as to why I am just now getting a letter, since I did this in September. She wasn't very friendly. Most of what I owe is over the limit fees. I believe in paying my bills, but when I am throwing away $50, I can't see paying them. Any other ideas? I really need help. I am having financial difficulties, and do NOT want to file bancruptcy. I am tackling one bill at a time, and have gotten other companies to work with me. Please advise! Thanks!

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