First USA is bad news, thanks

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David B, Apr 28, 2000.

  1. David B

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    I read the links about First USA that were previously posted and I want to thank you for keeping me away from them. How else would I have even known to stay away from them if I wasn't forewarned by you. They have 10 plus lawsuits against them and they play all kinds of sleazy tricks to gouge customers. What scum bags. Those of you out there who have First USA cards should pay off your accounts, close them out of moral protest and let them know this.
  2. creditwork

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    RE: First USA is bad news, tha

    I agree to some extent with the First USA statement. However, I can not close an account that charges 3.9% APR. All banks are greedy institutions, they are there to be used. I agree some are better than others, but not by that much.
  3. Lacy

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    RE: First USA is bad news, tha

    I have had a credit card with this company since 1994 and have never had any problems. It seems funny to me how every credit card seems to want to screw at least some of the card holders it has.

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