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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David, May 7, 2001.

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    ....I posted yesterday about the incident with First USA (see email below)... I call the automated line today--AND MY ACCOUNT SAYS CLOSED!

    Will they close your account just because you get PISSY with their inability to handle a situation?

    Don't get me wrong--I want it closed (and will pay the off in 7 days)--but, if I dare pull a bureau that says "cancelled by credit grantor" next month, they ain't SEEN pissy yet...

    Anyone else ever had this happen? (I haven't calmed myself enough yet to actually talk to one their "customer service specialists"--ugh).

    Reprinted--with my kind permission....

    I JUST SENT THE FOLLOWING EMAIL TO FIRST USA (who's account I've had in excellent standing for over two years)

    ENJOY :)

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Approximately 45 minutes ago, I phoned your customer service center regarding a credit line increase. After giving the required information, I was asked my permission to be put on hold. I agreed.

    When the rep returned, he said "our computer systems are down and we can't pull a credit report at this time, the information will be stored and you'll receive a response in the mail in two weeks".

    I then called Citibank and recieved the credit line increase I was seeking.

    I then immediately called First USA to retract/cancel the request, and was basically told "there's nothing we can do, once the request is in the computer system--we can't stop it".

    I told the second rep that this is unacceptable--3 times no less.

    To say we can't control our own computer system or what it does is as laughable as it is ludicrous.

    Therefore, you will be receiving a payoff on the 15th of this month, along with a instructions to close the account.

    And, you will also be receiving a dispute when the inquirey shows up on my credit bureau.

    As a customer, I'm not in the habit of sitting on my thumbs for my financial needs while your computer systems are up/down/sideways; in addition, if your reps are no more impowered or informed than they apparently came off over the phone, then I would suggest you implement a retraining program at your earliest convenience.


    David Hill

    David :)

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