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    The head of Fleet Bank Credit Card Recovery (accounts in collections) is:

    Ed Forbes
    tel 215-444-6737

    The head of the entire Fleet Cedit Card Unit is:

    Howard Knauer
    tel 215-444-3546
    fax 215-444-6864

    In contrast to his idiot subordinates, Howard seems to be a reasonable guy.

    the CEO of Fleet Bank is:

    Terrance Murray
    fax 617-434-3600
    tel unknown

    These phone numbers and fax numbers are a closely guarded secret. They allow you to contact decision makers and high level bosses of the bureaucrats at Fleet you'd otherwise deal with.

    Please use them only for specific purposes, and not general bitching, or the amount of complaints will dilute the specific problem complaints.

    If you want to harass Fleet with general complaints, call their head lawyer:

    Peter Marsh
    tel 518-447-3401

    He gets really frustrated by consumer complaints.

    You can also call

    Richard Genneti in Fleet Collections- he is a middle manager (reports to Ed Forbes, who reports to Howard Knauer)

    his phone # is


    He is fun to complain to if your account is in collections.

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