Fleet Card now at 29.9% and 30

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Val, Jun 27, 2000.

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    I don't understand why my Fleet credit card went from 9.9%, 12%, 14% and now it's What's going on with these credit card companies. If you know let me know or can someone tell how to change cards with so,so credit.
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    RE: Fleet Card now at 29.9% an

    Since the Fed has continually raised interest rates, many credit card companies are responded by raising rates. Most of them are now offering variable rates tied to the prime rate. Some of the ones I know about are Fleet and Discover.

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    RE: Fleet Card now at 29.9% an

    Fleet just consumated it's huge Merger with BankBoston, making it the largest bank in New England, and one of the Top 10 in the US. In the process they have spun off some of their branches and account to Soverign Bank's New New England operation. In the process they have screwed their former customers whose ATM cards now don't work at either bank, the customers don't have new checks and the old ones are invalid, and there are a myriad of other problems as well.

    The plain fact of the matter is that Fleet is behaving like does not want to be in the retail banking market and would rather all of their customers who aren't wealthy, A fortune 500 company, or a reasonably well-off foreign country (like France) would just go away and find another bank. To hasten the evacuation they are raising interest rates on credit cards for the flimsiest of excuses and raising fees on all sorts of accounts.

    My suggestion would be to find another credit card.
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    RE: Fleet Card now at 29.9% an

    Fleet has recently notified us that the are going to start charging us a $35 annual fee for our Platinum card, which we opened 6 months ago under terms that stated 'No Annual Fee'.

    They claim that it's because of rising interest rates.

    I claim that it's because I never carry a balance and they have no other way to screw me out of my money.

    I'm closing the account shortly.

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