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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 00000, Apr 13, 2001.

  1. 00000

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    Anyone had any experiences positive or negative with Fleet, out of Boston?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    But be warned if you close the account with a balance...you are in VIOLATION OF THE TREMS OF THE ACCOUNT and will be slapped with an interest rate up to 30%!!!
  3. 00000

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    thanks much
  4. Ron

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    I got both Edvance and Fusion Card and they posted apyment promptly. By the way when I got two accounts and they have trouble to post it to the right account. I tried to payment to my Fusion card and they posted it to Edvance Card. Finally they make it right after I dispute it. Right now I avoid to use my Fusion cards and I have been thinking to close that account. I tried to ask them to lower my Edvance card rate and they refused to lower the rate. Otherwise I don't have any problems with them I had Edvance Card for almost a year and half now. You can mae any payment on-lien and you have to mail in your payment. They do have the on-line account access on their websites.

  5. creditwork

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    I have had no problems with my Fleet card. They are just not as generous with "teaser offers" or line increases, as some of my other customers.

  6. Dani

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    Major problems with Fleet here. They enjoy jacking up interest rates at a moment's notice and when you call to ask why, they say you are a "threat". Then you end up pulling your credit report (since this how Fleet determined you were a "threat") and find out your credit is excellent. Fleet then reduces your rate and sends a letter that they are sorry after you have closed the card and paid the balance in full. It takes five months and seven phone calls for Fleet to credit the high finance charges back to your account. Their customer service is one of the worst in the business. I will never deal with them again.

  7. dave

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    Dani.. I couldn't agree more, They were a night mare to deal with.

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