Fleet generous with CL?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by faztcobra, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. faztcobra

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    Just got a pre-approved offer in the mail offering 0% on purchases until Dec '04 if I do a BT of at least $100. BT rate is kinda high at 8.99%, but could be worse. But dang...0% on purchases for 16 months? Wow! But I don't want to mess with these guys if I'm gonna get a toy card. Are they kind of like BofA, where if you do a BT, you generally get a higher CL? I don't want a ton of cards or inquiries, but I'm currently trying to decide between AMEX GREEN Rewards, this Fleet offer, or a Discover Card offer of 0% on BT for 9 mos. The Discover offer is good, it's just that Discover doesnt have all that great a purchase rate...something like 12.99%.
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    It has been my experience that Fleet is very stingy with credit limits. Some people have been luck and Fleet gave them good limits, but I don't think that is very typical
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    I also received the Fleet offer today 8.99% & 0% on balance transfers through 12/04. Anyway, have been denied for every other credit card and to my surprise I applied on line and received instant approval with a $5,000 limit. Boy was I surprised since I have scores of around 630 on all three bureaus, still have Chapter 13 from '99 and several collection accounts on all three reports. I guess you never know!

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