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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bumpz, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. bumpz

    bumpz Member

    from my initial validation letter, they responded stating that their records shows I filed BK7 on xx/xx/xxx and was discharged xx/xx/xxxx.

    Two enclosures as proof of their change:
    1) Tradeline updates: This account was included in BK7 and discharged on xx/xx/xxxx

    2) Universal Data Form (E-OSCAR-WEB):
    This also shows proof of their action.

    The whole point of my validation letter is asking them to show contractual proof of my account with them yet they responded with something else.

    Need feedback and help on how to deal with this.
  2. bumpz

    bumpz Member

    I also want to add to the above that this was a reply from my second validation letter, first letter was ignored by them, as a result they responded quicker now but the person that responded was their Bankruptcy Supervisor.
  3. kingsx

    kingsx Active Member

    Fleet is the OC correct? I am not an expert but It is my understanding that an OC is not required to validate. Collection Agencies are required to Validate.
    If I am wrong please feel free to correct me. It is early and I havent had my gallon and a half of Coke yet :)
  4. catleg

    catleg Well-Known Member

    You can't do too much with OC validation unless what they are reporting is wrong info. Even then it is a struggle. If they're reporting the "truth" you're wasting your time.
  5. bumpz

    bumpz Member

    so if I am to get rid of this from my file, how should I approach this folks? OC are not obligated to validate but they sent me an updated tradeline, I tried disputing with the bureaus but obviously they are ignoring it, please give me your feedback. thanks
  6. bumpz

    bumpz Member

    my quest is to delete the BK7 from my file, associated tradelines are 5 CCs. Fleet being one of them. I sent two validation letters to Fleet, first was ignored, second was a reply from the Bankruptcy Supervisor with the above proof of their action but not what I really was demanding. At this point, I'd like to know what action to take. Your input is needed.
  7. bumpz

    bumpz Member

  8. catleg

    catleg Well-Known Member

    all you can really do is dispute thru the CRAs (I assume you are trying to get rid of accurate information). Equifax and TU are spammable, ie just keep firing in disputes. Experian will refuse your disputes after 2 or 3 tries. A clever/confusing line of reasoning about why the tl is wrong should help. How long ago was your bk? Mine was in '97. It's worth a try (disputing) and in fact your best hope is to dispute the public record of the bk and save 3 years of "derog". But getting rid of all bk derogs is very very tough.

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