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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Buckcherry, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. Buckcherry

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    I got their offer in the mail and read it over carefully and I understand the enrollment fee and the security deposit and the Annual fee that is divided into a monthly fee. The question is that does anyone have any bad experiences with them such as posting paymnts etc. Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Marie

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    Oh. Got this one the week I opted out.

    More fees than I've ever seen. NOT WORTH IT. regardless.

    If I remember correctly, application fee, acceptance fee, monthly fee...

    If you get a low credit line you'd be over it before charging a stick of gum.

    NO CARD is worth all those fees. search the board for more input.

    Of the reputable... and lesser expensive options.

    Household. 19 app fee, 79 or so annual fee
    Orchard same or worse

    Cap1 secured. Best of the 3. You'll likely get a monthly participation fee but if you call you can often get it rebated on some months. Plus, you can work Cap1 cards to regular cards with time and persistence.

    If I were you, I'd apply for CAp1 first, then either a Household or Orchard.

    Are you getting any other offers? like Providian etc.
    Oh, there are mixed reviews on FCNB (First Consumers National Bank) but their secured card isn't that expensive if all else fails.
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    Nevermind...here is my post.....

    chelechele | 239 posts since Aug 2001 | 08.24.2001 @ 21:06

    Lemmie tell you about this.....my boyfriend applied ONCE for this card last week...we draft the fee from my checking account...I look at the mumbo jumbo a little closer and am FREAKED OUT..he has the option to cancel...so, we call and he does....now in order to get the money back we have to wait three weeks because they can't tell when they got the money...this is an EFT mind you, then I look at my Bank statement and they drafted it TWICE!!! Crooks..we call them again...I am fuming by this time....second supervisor I have spoken with...they proceed to tell me that he HAD to have applied twice because they have two reservations on file....Then I ask who in their right mind would apply for the same card that will draft $89 for processing, two times in one night.......they tell me "Well I don't know, maybe you should ask the person that applied" So now they are insulting the intelligence of both of us...I ask how can I get both of the transactions refunded quicker...they tell me to fax them a complete copy of my Bank statement showing EVERYTHING so they know the money has cleared....I then proceeded to ask them if they were crazy....They screwed me once already....Then I tell them that we only authorized one ETF not two....They then say "Well, we have it on file that you did twice....." Then I ask them if they have my signed conscent to do so even once,,,the supervisor says, we don't need your signature, all we need is your information and we can take the money....Well, then I got mad and said, well I'll have MY Bank take the money back from you...the guy tells me that my Bank can't do that , blah, blah, blah.....I hang up

    I call my Bank and rehash the story....they agree to dispute BOTH drafts.....give me the credit now and then investigate......I guess you can say that I have gained a little more knowledge in my financial efforts

    KISS MY GRITS First National Bank of Marin!!!!


    Readily confused..at your disposal :)
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    I second that!!

  6. Buckcherry

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    I am currently in collections with Orchard, Cap1 and Providian.. I am slowly paying them down. Just got a new job working for the county as a bus aide and I get paid once a month so as soon as I get my check.. I will try to settle with all 3 companys and pay them of. I also have a FCNB Unsecured Mastercard with a 300 limit that I have only had for 4 months now. I haven't been late or over the limit on it. But I will take your advice and trash the FNBM application.

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