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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Susan, Oct 5, 2000.

  1. Susan

    Susan Guest

    I need some help who do I talk to with this bank I am sick and tired of these people calling me every month as a courtesy call to remind me that my bill is due. It is very annoying. I advice no one to get this card it is a nightmare. They call my house 3 times yesterday as soon as the rep ask for me and I identified myself as this is she she said this was a courtest call I hung the phone up she call right back and when I said hello she kept saying hello as though she could not hear me, and the third time she call she just put the phone down and I could hear in the background other reps on the phone this is not business like who in that company can I talk to because this is harassment. My payment is not due until the 10th I don'y think they should be calling me until the 11th if they don't receive the payment any advice will be appreciated.
  2. brook

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    Go to www.complaintstation.com,interesting complaints about this bank!!!
  3. brook

    brook Guest

    put "the" in front of complaint! Sorry about that!!!!

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