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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Dec 13, 2000.

  1. LKH

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    I know a lot of people on this board do not like FNB of Marin. I received a partially secured card in Feb of 2000. My credit limit was double my deposit. At 6 months they gave me an automatic line increase.I have had the card for 9 months now and today I get home and in the mail is an offer for a FNBM Mastercard unsecured with a 9.9% apr. I know the fees on the secured card are hefty, but you have to start somewhere. They have treated me well, never called me etc. All in all I am glad that I got the card and will accept the new card. In 2 months they will give me another increase on the secured card and unsecure it also. Just my point of view.
  2. Killer

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    At least they're treating you better than Orchard is treating me. I've had Orchard for about 8 months and no increase has occured. I called Orchard and ask when will an increase happen. I was told that computers decide! Then I get a letter shortly afterwards saying my request for an increase was denied! Then I notice on my Experian report that Orchard placed a hard inquiry about the same time that I called! I only called and asked "when". I never ask for one, only asked "when". So FNB of Marin sounds much better!
  3. LKH

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    Have you had any other problems with Orchard? I was considering applying on line.
  4. mt

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    You probably already know this but Orchard is part of Household International, you know, Household Auto, etc. etc. Anyway, if you've been mistreated or damaged in some way, maybe you should take a minute and send a couple of letters to the corporate parent? Don't know if it will help in this case, but sometimes it does.
  5. Killer

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    Other than no increase, I have never any problems. When I first applied, there was a mix-up. I mistakenly applied for a secured card. Then ask for the application to be withdrawn to allow an application for an unsecured card. The nice customer service people carried out my wishes. I always pay on line the same day my billing cycle ends so I have never been late. In addition, I paid the balance off. Well I think I deserve an increase! But Orchard apparently does not think so!
  6. new

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    do they have a webiste address please
  7. LKH

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  8. Jim R.

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    i have had them for about 7 months.. just went thru a chapter 7 and got a "partially secured" (they charge 200 to your card and put it in a "account" so the 400 limit card i had, had 200 available minus a fee (don't remember exactly what it was...called and rcvd 1 increase (cost was supposed to be $10.00 for a $100.00 increase..have been satisfied with them and also took the $500.00 mastercard offer totally unsecured ! that i got in the mail...

    very LAME website w/ NO ONSITE account info, but tollfree # works fine

    lkh wrote:
  9. kenny

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    I have had the card with them. I have payed on time. Very happy so far. I got an increase at the six month mark of 100.00. Cost me 10 though. I will get another 100 in feb. Good luck

  10. Desmond

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    I have had there card also, I just closed it this month I did not like it. On the sixth month I had the card my check bounce at my bank (bank didnt pay check due to a 3.20 overdraft) I got that removed from FNBMarin because it was the first time also they told me that because of that I would not be getting an credit line increase, and 3-4days before my bill was due they would call me as a courtesy to remind me of my payment ifs due I think that is a form of harassment in which I don't need for a 300.00 credit line. So I close the account last month I haven't heard anything as of yet I hope this is a chapter that is close and shut.
  11. LKH

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    several people have reported that they get phone calls prior to the due date for their payment, however, I have never been called by them for that reason. The only time they called me was after I had bought something at Kmart and they had to swipe my card through 3-4 times before it was read by the machine. The fraud dep't at FNBMarin called me the next day to make sure I had my card and that it was me that used it that day. I was impressed by that.
  12. TK

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    I have orchard too and FNBM. I have to say they both have been real nice, never a prolem. But come renewal time it's bye bye FNBM . I've recieved several new cards with much better terms . FNBM is almost three years old. Time to move on.
  13. Desmond

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    I agree with you on FNBMarin. I have had there card for 10 months I closed the account early. I did not receive any credit line increase with them durning that time. I only got this card to start rebuilding my credit after BK but I no longer needed this card. They call you 3 - 5 days before payment is due to remind you of your payment.
    I thinks this card is good for someone with extremely poor credit.

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