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    I cancelled my First National Credit Card account. It is the one you see advertised on this board. I called on my one year aniver. and asked for a credit limit increase and was told that I had to wait 3 more months. This is after I had paid my balance in full the last three months. This is truly a subprime card. Their only intrest is fee gouging not credit repair.
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    I would have to concur-this card is not worth the trouble. First, the CL is pathetic-250$. It isn't hard to go over CL, particularly when they do a lot of "creative application of payment"- meaning, I suspect they hold payments. I have problems even though I have done bi-weekly payments! 2+ weeks to show up.

    I intially got this card to use for automatic payments of cell phones, cable, toll tag-but have gone overlimit (by about 2$) twice now. One was an unauthorized charge-I successfully disputed it off, but I don't like the idea that my payments are held, and the CL simply does not justify continuing w/this card.

    I am disappointed to hear that you didn't have any luck w/ getting this card. I can say that my intent is to cancel this sucker at 1 year/when I can get a better, higher limit, lower interest rate, etc-until then, I continue in rebuilding purgatory.

    However, FNCC Interest rate is STILL lower than Providian.
  3. sam

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    i had this card. It was a bitch to cancel. Make sure you call back a week or two later and verify they indeed did cancel it.

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