Folks, panicking now! Please!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NanaC, Apr 16, 2001.

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    I have a problem I've posted before..and I really need pretty explicit directions (in other words, talk slow.heheee)...the situation has changed..
    Today, He received a notice form Innovis (whatever that is) saying that these idiots had reported to them. Now, not only have they never provided proof of the debt in 6 months, they are reporting the debt to new companies dispite the ongoing proof. Please help..the licensing agency in Illinois isn't doing their job (see below) I threaten to sue? Do I sue? Please, we don't owe this bill...

    THe situtation I posted was:
    I'll repeat the's getting more serious now.

    At the risk of repeating myself, o.k., I am repeating myself, please advise as to what you would you would handle this..

    Situation: Got credit report for hubby, found collection agency had 2 utility bills in IL. Disputed in Oct,00 with CA. Received no response. Wrote 2nd follow up dispute letter, received notice that they deleted 1 of the 2 but nothing on the other account.

    I called them in Nov. and the quote I got from them was "We will not verify." I actually wrote the quotes as they repeeated it several times. At one point she said, "You are wasting your time. We will not verify." I was transferred to a supervisor and she said "They would not send me that" when I requested proof. She finally stated that "As soon as I get an attorney and they request the records, we will get the verification."

    I then reported it to the Dept. of Professional Regulation in Illinois. I have a case number. This was in Nov. Since that time, I've received no verification. There response was that I had said I had verification in my letter to them in Nov. I have the letter and it says I NEVER received verification. Apparently, a blatant lie to the regulating division. That was in Dec. I wrote to the regulating company and told them this was a lie.

    I got another letter in Jan. saying a bill would be sent to me and I should highlight disputes and return it. I never received anything.

    Early Feb., I received a call from the regulating people and they said that they were giving them 10 days to provide proof or else. I heard nothing and they keep validating the issue. I then wrote a letter to the regulating people and a few weeks ago, they called and said that the CA had requested an additional week and that they had given them until this week. They said "This sure doesn't look right."

    Ok...please...what should I do? Should I forward to my Attorney General? I have copies of all letters and proof of delivery through certified mail. Should I file a claim in small claims court? (Thanks, Hal for the info)..
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    Re: Folks, panicking now! Plea

    P.S. That "additional week" was up last week!
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    Re: Folks, panicking now! Plea

    I just got off the phone with licensing agency. They said they (the CA) never responded..and asked if I would forward the new letter as proof that they had reported it during this dispute time period. They will send a immediate response letter on Wed. give them until Fri or Mon. Then, it will go their state prosecuter.

    In the meantime, we sit with this on his CR. Sucks.
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    Why no replies?

    I'm not upset..just it that no one knows what to say on this..or is it cuz you all think I"m so obviously brilliant, I'll figure it out myself (Totally joking here!)..

    Just it my breath? ROFLMAO
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    Re: Why no replies?

    You do have a mess going in your situation.

    I think that if I were in your shoes, I'd go ahead and file complaint with the Attorney Generals office(s) both in the state in which you reside and the state they have their home office in and any other state where you can prove they have offices. The trick here is to try to cause them as much confusion as they have caused you, maybe even more. I'd also file complaint with the FTC although they are not going to do anything to help you, they might add it to their files on the company and after enough complaints have been registered with them, they might wake up some day and file suit on them.

    That's the way they operate.

    Bill Bauer
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    Re: Why no replies?

    Thank you...It is really crazy. I thought the same about the attorney generals in both states.

    Is the Attorney General in IL different than the state regulating agency? Or are they the same?
  7. Bill Bauer

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    Don't make a liar outta me:)-)

    I can't answer your question. I have no idea whatsoever how any of the state agencies work in your state, and so if I even tried to answer your question, it would most likely make a liar out of me.

    Bill Bauer

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