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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laura, Jan 21, 2001.

  1. Laura

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    I signed up at and got my free report at It was flawless. Not a late, negative, collection acct or anything. Oldest trade line is 1991. Has our mortgage, my new car, 3 paid vehicles, and 4 credit cards, all current. But everything I applied for that pulled it has given me the standard message about 7-10 days. That makes no sense at all. I have 2 accounts still open with $6000 credit between them and zero balance. Just because I thought they were closed. I don't even have the cards anymore. So I wonder if I will actually get Chase...they pulled experian.
  2. Geo

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    RE: and/or true cred

    How do you know it is really free?. I just registered for, then received several e-mails (One of them with a link to
    the truecredit page for a free report) when I went there I placed all my personal information and the two CC for verification purposes(?).

    Then I saw my report but was adviced that my credit card had been charged $7.95 for that report.

    I also received an e-mail from truecredit
    as a receipt for my recent $7.95 report purchase (??)
  3. Laura

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    RE: and/or true cred

    Well I received a receipt and said dollar amount $0. I also checked with my bank online and it was NOT charged. But I made sure it couldnt be charged, because I gave a wrong expiration date. YOu have to click the link from (in the email) to get it for free. IF you just go there on your own it will cost 7.95, but the link provides, assures you it will be free.
  4. Ryanne

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    RE: and/or true cred

    Mine was free. I wasn't charged for anything. I did get a receipt for the report, but my receipt has amount $0. Maybe you should contact them about this. Also, it is possible that the promotion was for a limited time.


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