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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Janet, Sep 23, 2000.

  1. Janet

    Janet Guest

    I read on this board that the minimum FICO score for the AMEX Optima Platinum card is 630. Is this true?

    Also, what card has stricter criteria: Blue from American Express or AMEX Optima Platinum?

  2. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Obviously Blue has a lower requirement as it doesn't come with a minimum credit limit.

    One of my clients applied for the Optima Platinum card, and was turned down. 45 days later applied for BLUE got it with a $3,000.00 limit.

    Called up Amex to find out credit limit, complained (nicely) about such a low limit,
    Amex raised it to $10K (equal to Discover).

    If the Colour of the card is important I'm sure in 2 months time he could transfer it to a Platinum w/o any problem!
  3. AMEX  rep

    AMEX rep Guest

    Sorry, but I am unable to comment on the exact qualifying criteria (i.e. FICO score) to get an AMEX card; however I can tell you that it is easier to qualify for a charge card over a credit card. Blue and the optima platinum have the same qualifying criteria, in fact,Blue is a little easier; plus Blue offers better benefits than the platinum. Good luck!
  4. AMEX  rep

    AMEX rep Guest

    Actually, the minimum crdit line for Blue is $2,000--the same as the optima platinum, but Blue has more tiered points pricing; thus easier to qualify for. Also, one cannot transfer from Blue to an optima platinum
  5. me

    me Well-Known Member

    Blue also has a lower APR!
  6. Jo

    Jo Guest


    Really? The lowest ARP on the site is Optima has a 9.9% fixed.
  7. me

    me Well-Known Member

    RE: Really?

    The optima platinum I see on their web page is not fixed. after the intro, it is prime plus 7.99%. Which as of 7/31/200 (according to their posted terms and conditions) is 17.49%

    My Blue is 9.9 fixed. The newer ones are now 10.9 fixed (it was changed when the feds upped interest rates a while back)
  8. Jo

    Jo Guest

    RE: Really?

    GADZOOKS! You're right! My account has stayed the same...that's the reason I thought all cards were 9.9%! I'm sorry!

    Off-Topic Question: What does the statement for Blue look like? The Optima Platinum (Monthly) Statement sucks...for the type of money I make them, you'd think they'd use a physically attractive statement...Do you like Blue? I was thinking of trying for that card, but I just wanted to ask a Blue Expert....
  9. Cathy

    Cathy Well-Known Member

    RE: Really?

    The Blue statements are very detailed and good looking, in my opinion. I don't know what any other AMEX statement looks like, but I would assume the have some consistency.
  10. AMEX  rep

    AMEX rep Guest

    RE: Really?

    Yes, the Blue statement is cool and the one used for the optima platinum sucks!! I hate it as well. The delta skymiles credit card is also printed on that old version of the statement. I am not sure why they have not switched all card products over to the new statement format.
    A few comments about Blue and the optima platinum---The optima platinum fixed 9.9 is only for inhouse sells or upgrades, it is not offered via the public, but for existing CM's only. Thus, the one listed on AMEX web site is different. There are about 12 different optima platinum price tiers--they ahve many to offer! Also Blue is not only 10.9, but depending on your credit, you can get either that rate, or 12.99 or 14.99
  11. T

    T Guest

    RE: Really?

    The blue statement has a blue background to it. I also have the AMEX Gold Rewards Plus and the statement is just like the blue, but with a gold color background. My optima platinum statement looks like an old format statment.

    My optima's terms is different than the current optima's terms. 9.9% fixed and 8.9% transfer balance for the life of the balance. I guess they do have many pricing tiers for the optima card.
  12. new

    new Guest

    where do you apply for Amex

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