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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BarryN - C, Sep 8, 2000.

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    I received a solicitation for the Citibank's Protection Plus Membership. It is handled by Cendant. And it costs $45 for 3 years. Is this yet another purchase I do not need? I am not going to join it if its overkill. I already have numerous travel plans, such as AAA and Texacos Plan. I don't think I need to register what few cards I do have with them for fraud protection.

    Whats your opinion? Others jump in too.


  2. creditwork

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    In my opinion, this is a useless package. Protect your cards like you would protect any important information. Keep good records and review your statements.

    Profit from the experience.
  3. JP

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    Hey B,

    Personally I never ever purchase any of the so-called fraud protection or any other services offered by credit card companies. All of these things are "cash making machines" for them and the customer rarely if ever benefits from these. A better idea would be to take the $45 and purchase MS Money or Quicken and record all of your financial transactions there, then when you receive your statements reconcile them to ensure 100% data integrity. Personally I keep track of these things right down to the last penny.

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    RE: For CitiBank Rep Hey JP

    Hey JP, long time no see. How are you doing?? I hope we can catch each other in barry's chat one night:)
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    RE: For CitiBank Rep Hey JP

    The only way that would benefit you is if you had allot of credit cards. It is basically a wallet protection service. If you lose youre wallet they contact all of your credit card companies for you and report your cards lost. they also help you get youre drivers license and social security card replaced. If you dont have allot of companies to call if your wallet is ever lost I wouldnt get it. Plus federal law provides you with fraud protection anyway. you can only be held responsible up to $50.00.
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    Barry's Chat--When and Where?

    Barry announced a live chat room a while back, but I haven't heard anything recently. When and where would this take place?

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