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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Nov 24, 2000.

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    Just wanted to pick your brain on some information regarding Aria, if you don't mind. I know that you are happy with your Aria account and because of your recommendation, I applied (and was approved for $500) for the Persona Visa. I remember reading a while back that you got the card Sept. 98 for the same amount and by Jan 99 you were at $2500. Just a few questions, did you request the limit increases or were they automatic? Also, do you always pay the card in full after using? Any advice is appreciated.

    I have been slowly trying to rebuild and am hoping Aria will be a good one for limit increases and help in the rebuilding process.

    Thanks a million.
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    First of all, I got the Providian classic in 9/98 and I started with 500 and in 01/00 my limit was 2500.00. Up until that time, I'd never recieved any type of their upgrade offers and I couldn't understand it. After my account was about 5 months old, I called about an increase, and I was granted a manual increase of 400.00. This was the type of increases I was getting up until 01/00. After that, I got cocky, because I wasn't satified, so then a couple of months later, I called them with a bluff to close my account and they gave me a 1000 increase and an apr. reduction to 19.8. I was satified for a minute. About 3 months later, still no upgrade offer, so I got a little cockier. Call back and bluffed again, this time I got a 2000 increase. Really satisfied now, but it only lasted a couple of minutes this time. So thentwo months later I called back again and I was told that I couldn't get another increase, but they reduced my apr to 16.9 and gave me a grace period. Satisfied again. Well you know what happen next......I wait another month and called back again. I guess they really knew me by then, because I didn't have to threaten to close my account, they just asked me if another 2000 increase would make me happy, and of course I said yes. Also, I just got my first upgrade offer last month, 500 for 99.00. My limit is now 8300. I've always kept a balance. When my limit was between 500-2500, I paid 50-300 a month. When my limit went pass 2500, I 've paid between 300-700 a month. The minimum I've ever paid has been 10% of the balance, (Per CreditWorks Advice--Herb). My balance goes up each time my limit has increased, My card has only been maxed out once, and that was in the beginning. My balance hasn't exceeded 4200, and my average balance is 2300-3300.

    Now my hubby as the Aria card, and he started with 500 in 08/99 and his limit is now 6000. We have used his account just like mine, but his results has been better than mine. I say that because is account is a year old and his limit is just under mine. He also got two upgrade offers. The first was after for months, 1000 for 99 and then 4 months later, 500 for 99.

    I hope this helps. A lot a people have issues with Providian, but I haven't experienced any type of problems with them. I hope tht you can have the same success or better with them.

    Good Luck
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    Your the best. Thanks for the information! I hope I have the same success you have had.

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    Really liked your input. I have Aria and Providian. I've think I've seen posts where people have gotten the upgrade fee waived-ever tried that? Through these posts I've learned to push Providian into getting better increases and interest.I was bummed recently I got a decrease in interest but they told me no line increase for 4 months.Do you think I can try in a month as you did? I too like providian after initially having problems with them. Can you really get increases every month?
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    RE: Skip

    No Skip, I've never tried to get the upgrade fee waived, mainly because I just got my first upgrade offer last month. And as for as my hubbys Aria account, we didn't think to try that. Now as for as getting an increase every month, I doubt it. But I know you don't have to wait 4 months, as long as you are threatning to close the account. I will be testing them again in January, I would like to see if I can get to 10000. I don't see why not, if they were to offer my another 2000 increase.
    Call them on the 1st of next month and threaten again for an increase and see what happens. :) Keep us posted

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