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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laura, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Laura

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    I am ready to dispute several items on my equifax report, going directly through my local credit bureau and dealing with the Wicked Witch of the South. Is it better to dispute ALL items at once? Or should I dispute a few and then wait? Is there a site that details more information I need to know about this? Also what do I say as reason for dispute? I don't want them to come back and claim "frivolous" on me. Thanks Laura
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    RE: Need more details.

    What type of items are they(ie chargeoffs, collections)? How old? Are they paid? How many items are we talking about on that report?

    I don't know anything about local bureaus.

    You can do disputes online with Equifax but you are limited to what the reason is. They are very quick with those disputes (in my case it took about 6 days and the other time was about 2 weeks). And you can check online to see if the dispute has been completed.
  3. Laura

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    RE: Need more details.

    I cant' dispute online because a local bureau "owns" my file per equifax. 6 are medical bills from 1994-1998, 2 things are from 1994 and 1995 I have NO idea what it is. One is a furniture account my ex opened 'after' we divorced and they have it on my account from 1995. None of these are paid, they are all collection acccounts.
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    RE: Need more details.


    call the local bureau and ask for the manager or supervisors name. Form a dispute letter
    "not mine" address it to her attn. If you don't want to do that CALL the local bureau and request to speak with a manager or supervisor....see if this works (can't hurt)
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    RE: Need more details.

    I would dispute the furniture one as not my account, also write to that furniture co. and ask them to provide the following info.:

    *all dates of the loan, which would include original date of the loan, date of first delinquency and date of chargeoff (if it applies)
    * then ask them to provide a copy of the original signture page of the loan.

    Since you say you didn't take this loan out then they won't be able to prove it. You then take a copy of the letter they sent you and send or take the dispute to the bureau. Companies that put information on your reports MUST be able to show proof.

    Now if the dispute that you started with the bureau for the furniture loan is deleted then you would not need to take the proof in. You just want to cover all grounds.

    You could wait until you see the results of the dispute before you send the letter to the furniture company but the will take more time.

    Sometimes companies will just verify no matter what. That happened to me with Citibank Student Loan but when I sent in the letter from Citibank the item was deleted.

    I don't know anything about medical bills. I would assume you use the same methods. But it seems that medical offices are pretty good about records. You may want to try and make a deal-payment for deletions.

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