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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bfllover, Jul 26, 2001.

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    I am about to send a letter to collection agency and was going to send lizardkings validation letter but in a search of postings found a letter you posted to CA re deletion of their listing in exchange for payment.It was in the posting re:Help with letter.I have found out it is valid debt.I thought insurance paid it since I had not heard from creditor in 2 years.I called the coll agency listed on my credit report and found they had the wrong city as part of my address.So this week I received my first and what they listed as final demand for payment--amt:$164.My ? is did that letter work for you(your letter re deletion for payment?And did they also tell you no at first on the phone? Did you send validation letter first?I have no problems paying it and did not know about it till seeing it on credit report.Thank you
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    The collection company that handled my husband's account would not budge on deletion for payment. I did try sending the letter that I had posted earlier, it has helped some, but unfortunately they didn't budge with that letter either:(

    I never sent a validation ( have my reasons), anyway this was an account that we did in fact owe, I did pay them, but EQ or the CA had been coding this account to appear as a recent deliquency (1995). After I paid this I disputed it twice and it was finally deleted.
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    I think I would send for validation first. Then, proceed once that is out of the way depending on results.

    Just my thoughts.

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