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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BadVibes, Mar 21, 2001.

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    No need to reply,as I will not be back,just wanted to point out a bit of irony...........

    Author: Nave (
    Date: 03-19-01 23:41

    What color is the sky in your world? Just curious.

    There are better things to do with your life like get outside, breathe fresh air, make real friends (REAL ONES - not plastic or internet friends), the real world is not so bad you have to hide. In your deluded state it could be dangerous.

    If you are not in therapy PLEASE consider a qualified, licensed, board certified doctor...Yellow pages are a good place to start.

    If you are already in therapy remember to keep taking your doctor's advice and the full daily dosage of Prozac AND Zoloft if you have anything else like Wellbutrin or Paxil take that as well. Most likely you are required by law to take these medications. It could be dangerous for you to go without them.

    Just some advice from a concerned citizen.

    You posted 20 times on the spring equinox day of 2001
    between 11:34am and 9:40pm

    _____________________________________________________________1. Re: MJ - Nave

    Oh well it was a thought. I am behind you 100% though - fix it PRONTO! -Dave
    Date: 03-20-01 21:40

    2. Re: Okay night guys:) Thank y - Nave

    all this credit stuff is tiring...night
    Date: 03-20-01 21:38

    3. Re: MJ - Nave

    Mom3, Maybe that explains the drastic change that you noticed for the same CRA scores from one period to the next. Maybe the TU report had it listed as current delinquency than updated it to closed..
    Date: 03-20-01 21:37

    4. Re: ticking me off - Nave

    That is correct I checked my email message sent when I ordered the Equifax report online and the confirmation number is there. Score mvfl!
    Date: 03-20-01 21:26

    5. Re: ticking me off - Nave

    That joint account Junum fee of $25/month looking better and better huh. I would give it all to them. Wonder if dh's are eligible...if not it is only 30 :) I say "Keep life's frustrations to a bare
    Date: 03-20-01 21:23

    6. Re: DO YOU GUYS THINK.... - Nave

    George maybe that's your score! WOW dude a 10 digit score. Apply for everyone's house :) -Dave
    Date: 03-20-01 21:16

    7. Re: OKay where is the confirma - Nave

    Momof3, You can also set the size of some of the text in your browser (not all text will change size) and it may make the size issue a bit better to manage. On IE it is under VIEW on the menu bar then
    Date: 03-20-01 21:11

    8. Re: OKay where is the confirma - Nave

    Melissa, can you search the page? If you are in a browser, click EDIT (on the menu bar) and select "FIND (on this page)" (in Netscape it is different but similar). Once you see the text box enter "con
    Date: 03-20-01 21:07

    9. Re: What FICO score does/not - Nave

    Don't some approvals depend on the negative items themselves. I would imagine Mortgage companies look far beyond the FICO score itself and if they see a foreclosure even on a 677 score they may still
    Date: 03-20-01 21:02

    10. Re: Thanks to all of you - Nave

    DaveLV, Good to see you again and also good to see someone signing up with Lex. I think we should keep in touch to see how the 2 relate/compete as far as success/cost/time-frame etc. I remember you we
    Date: 03-20-01 20:51

    11. Re: OKay where is the confirma - Nave

    Oh sorry, I thought you were referring to where the number is on the hard copy, not the online report. -Dave
    Date: 03-20-01 20:42

    12. Re: OKay where is the confirma - Nave

    Hehehe - Melissa, I was looking for you and now I see is in HUGE print at the top of page 1 of your report...mine says: CREDIT FILE - Confirmation Number:1111111111 It is the LARGEST PRINT a
    Date: 03-20-01 20:40

    13. Re: Thanks to all of you - Nave

    Yeahhhh Way to go Christi! I think you are making the right choice, without much Junum experience I could not tell you one way or the other but I think you are doing the right thing. See you in Prim
    Date: 03-20-01 19:57

    14. Re: HEre's a pretty cool site! - Nave

    Thats because it is .htM not .htN Here:
    Date: 03-20-01 19:24

    15. Re: Dave - Nave

    Young single and dangerous with a credit card! Wooo Hooo :) See what happens and then, as ~C~ wrote, use Junum when you find yourself stuck or frustrated - their results can be quite good. Watch our
    Date: 03-20-01 19:15

    16. Re: N'awlins & Mike B - Nave

    Congrats N'awlins, I had similar luck and believe you are right on. I got a 200 to 500 increase in my 1st month and had no problems once I got the right person. It's not the time period you wait but
    Date: 03-20-01 18:55

    17. Re: Jim re junum - Nave

    Christi, I believe more the latter. I think they really do "what you can do yourself" and many are doing as good or better than Junum. For instance Lizardking just got TU to completely wipe clean all
    Date: 03-20-01 18:48

    18. Re: Jim re junum - Nave

    Christi, There is a search feature on this board that you can use to find past posts on Junum. For a couple weeks I researched Junum - reading posts - asking some questions to the current Junum users
    Date: 03-20-01 18:31

    19. Re: To: LKH - Nave

    Jim, You were saying (Sunday) that I missed that. Did she tell you her reasons? was it ineffectiveness? or cost? -Dave
    Date: 03-20-01 14:05

    20. Re: We are going to do it) - Nave

    Mom, You and dad just wouldn't be the same without a house. That's the way I've always pictured you two (er five). I wish you the best! Good luck. -Dave
    Date: 03-20-01 11:34

    21. Better things - Nave

    What color is the sky in your world? Just curious. There are better things to do with your life like get outside, breathe fresh air, make real friends (REAL ONES - not plastic or internet friends)
    Date: 03-19-01 23:41
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    Funny you had the time to look all this up and copy and paste??

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